Consultant コンサルタント

Back Office


Keisuke Imamura / 今村 圭介

人材コンサルティング歴10年。2007年に外資系企業向けを専門とした大手人材紹介会社に入社。支店の立ち上げ、新規チーム設立のプロジェクト参画など幅広く携わって参りました。 私の得意分野としてはグローバル企業の中でも、製造業界・消費財業界の管理部門マネージャー、ディレクター案件です。転職活動の中では、様々な人生に関わる重要な決断事項が必要とされる転職者様と、私は具体的な案件をただご提案するわけではなく、お話をお伺いさせていただく事で、本当に転職が今なのかを一番、重要なことだと思っております。 ご自身の強みと転職マーケット市場を比較させていただき、キャリアを構築できるようなご提案をしていきたいと思っております。

Giovanni Bono / ジオバーニ・ボーノ

I have been recruiting since 2010. I was born in Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan and raised in New York with strong ties to Tokyo in my youth. I have been exposed to various recruitment styles including and not limited to haken, contract, temp to permanent, as well as permanent recruitment within the Back Office finance function for foreign affiliated companies in Japan. I started my career in the US and I development myself as a recruiter with 2 of the top recruitment companies in Tokyo and I am looking to build on what I learned to be an innovator in this business. The industries I cover include and not limited to Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Manufacturing, as well as IT both hardware and software. My values are to conduct myself with the utmost integrity, share pros and cons to employers and future employees, while adding value to each person I interact with. I appreciate feedback, am keen to learn from others, and continue to work on my weaknesses. I am committed to making a difference in peoples lives as we spend most of our time working. I know when people are happy and motivated they will help companies and influence those around them in a positive way. I hope to develop together and add value to our community. When we all help one another, we all win.

Kazushige Ikejiri / 池尻 和繫



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