欧州生まれのhousehold goodsリーディングカンパンニーの営業マネージャー職

コード番号 TSUTO-08
業界 一般消費財
職種 営業マネージャー職
仕事内容 BASIC OBJECTIVE: (Summary of why job exists)

The successful candidate will contribute in meeting the company’s ambitious mid- long term objectives via the overall business growth by maximizing sales volume, revenue, and profit.
The role will develop an execution schedule, set up numerical and activity-based objective, and implement the plans with the respective Key Account team to meet the company business strategies, business terms and operation calendar determined by the Management Team.
The role is also expected to build a strong relationship with Key Accounts as well as to take the full responsibility of the team performance.
ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS (What actions must be taken to accomplish the basic objective stated above)

1. Strategy Crystallization and Execution
・Create concrete plans for execution of CNW strategy cascaded by Sales Director ; these will include execution schedule, activity-based objectives, numerical targets, and human resources blueprint.
・Share execution schemes with Key Account Team and ensure that all the objectives are fully and successfully achieved to meet the company objectives.
2. Team Management
・Regularly plan and operate Sales Meetings to pass on and share the company expectation and its execution schemes with Sales persons.
・Periodically conduct performance review with the team to align HR initiatives.
・Execute capability development and coaching to Regional Sales team to strengthen the skills and capability for effective and efficient operations.
・Ensure the activities and their costs are in line with the company overheads budget plan.
3. Relationship Establishment and Management
・At a Regional level, build a strong relationship with key stakeholders of Key Account with an in-depth understanding of their business and effective presentation of business advantages which can be delivered to them.
・Maintain the existing relationship with Key Accounts to keep the potential business opportunity for continuous expansion of distribution to drive a long-term business growth in Japan.
4. Internal Reporting
・Work cross-functionally with other teams to build sales programs and initiatives, and
ensure successful execution of sales strategies.
お求められる能力 OTHER REQUIREMENTS (Describe briefly the general background typically required for successful entry into this position – consider education, experience special skills, physical requirements and attendance standard, qualitative quantitative productivity standards.
• A business degree or equivalent academic qualification.
• At least 10 years relevant experience in FMCG environment
• At least 3 years relevant experience in managing people as a direct report
• Diverse knowledge in general business planning
• Balanced experience and knowledge across all channels (i.e. GMS,HC, Supermarket, Drug store)
• A strategic and conceptual thinker will help understand company strategy and disseminate it back to the team with confidence and professionalism.
• Strong communication capability across all functions and level, with excellent presentation skills.
• A practical hands-on approach and able to creatively translate ideas into action.
• Good team player, who is able to work effectively with cross-functional team members, as well as partner with key stakeholders, to achieve objectives.
• Experience in the establishment of, or working within a fast paced/dynamic, start-up environment is an advantage.
• Effectively bilingual, with excellent written and oral English/Japanese skill are preferable.
• PC skill (Excel, Word, Power Point)
英語力 中級レベル
勤務地 東京都
想定年収 800万くらいまで
賞与 インセンティブ制度あり(想定年収込み)



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